Dancing Nancies 2/1

I have been slipping on the blogging as of late. Let’s do a big long, catch up Dancing Nancies post….

The weekend of the 19th, I had a roadtrip. I did a quick in and out visit to Philadelphia.  It was a combo visit. I got to meet up with the Senator and Jeff as well as my friend  Minnesota Adam who was in town for a lacrosse clinic/convention.  I had three goals for the trip. Catch up with my friends, have a cheesesteak and not drink too much. Two out of three was the best I could do. I took the train down from Hartford. Shout out to Amtrak, all went well. The Senator took me to Jim’s Cheesesteaks on South Street right after the train. We started off on a little bar tour around 3 pm, it went on and on late. Many sights, many beverages and many laughs. We met up with Adam at some point, not sure what time it was, but good times there with him and his two buddies from Minnesota. Many bar patrons at the oldest bar in Philly were bothered by our group.

$5 movie night got used again this week.  I saw There Will Be Blood. I really enjoyed it but I would put it a half step behind No Country for Old Men. Daniel Day Lewis should be handed the Oscar for best Actor though in a walk.

I finished Season 3 of Lost via Netflix. I believe it was the best season of the show. If you haven’t given it a try yet, please do.  I actually tried to watch the premiere last night via broadcast tv. Not going to work for me, the commercials were driving me nuts.  I may have to talk the Lady into dvr’ing at her place. 

The last season of the Wire has begun and it is f’ing amazing! They are focusing on the newspaper industry as well as the drug game and following your favorite characters. HBO is putting the shows OnDemand before they broadcast them, brilliant!

UMass hockey has hit the skids after reaching a ranking of #5 in the nation. They followed that up with a five game losing streak, which I got to see two of them. They still have quite a bit of hockey left, hoping the boys can right the ship.

UMass hoop is continuing their strong run.  The results are a little up and down. They continue to play hard though and I am still enjoying watching them. Papa Lo has surged ahead in my favorite UMass player rankings.

January and early February has also been strong for cd releases. I picked up the new Mars Volta, North Mississippi All Stars and Drive By Truckers cd’s this week. Reviews should be coming. I also am looking forward to getting the Radiohead disc as well.  Shows are a little quiet right now but they will pick up in February with March and April looking hot.

Could I have been a stay at home defensemen in the NHL?


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