Big Guy Loses

To go with the Red Smith line from a few posts ago, you can sum up the Super Bowl with Big Guy Loses.  Not too many people around here thought the Pats not going undefeated was even a possibility. Tools’ Locks stayed away from the game, I thought the Giants could cover but I thought the over/under at 54 was too close to call. I ended the season at -$179 and a record of 43-49-1.  If I get a chance I want to get inside those numbers and see what they tell me.  Congrats to my Giants’ fan friends and all condolences to my Pats fans friends. I really did want to see that team make history.

Lastly, I thought overall it was another disappointing year for the Super Bowl ads. My winners were the Shaq ad, the Bud Light commercials, especially with the cave men and finally the Victoria’s Secret ad right towards the end of the game.

Also, for those of you distraught over the end of football season, 10 days til pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!


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