Rain=Worse than Snow

If you think of life in the northeast, you probably think of winter somewhere along the list of things. We are having winter this year, which displeases me because it is my least favorite season. It is not the cold as much as the snow, ice, slush that comes along with it.  Specifically walking and driving in such conditions is what bothers me. We had a few heavy snowstorms around the holidays and with the consistent cold temps we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground in Western Massachusetts. 

Well, my worries of driving in the snow should be replaced by driving in the rain. Over the last week, we have gotten quite a bit of rain. My commute in the morning is consistently 40-45 minutes. It slows down in the same spots every day, etc.  On a Friday or Monday after the Super Bowl you can sneak in 35 minutes. Outside of the commuting hours, its 30 minutes top with a personal land speed record of 24 minutes for me.  Today, we had a heavy rain, 1:10 minutes. Its a joke, people just stop driving! Its water people, let’s keep it moving. There were two major accidents in the way in as well. Rain has officially passed snow as pia driving conditions. What is it all the wankers call in sick on a snow day????


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