It was a good day

Who remembers the Ice Cube song from back in the day, “It was a good day”? Well, it was a great track from back when I was a rap fan. Unlike Cube though, my reasons for Sunday being a good day were different than simply not having to use my AK.

I had an Eagle Scout Ceremony to attend for my nephew Billy.  I never did Scouts. I went to a few Cub Scout meetings at a neighbor’s house when I was very young but that was about it. My older brother made it to the Eagle Scout level.  I knew the Eagle Scout was a major achievement and I was very pleased when I got the invitation to attend. I love all of my nephews and niece but I am particularly proud of Billy. He is a very nice young man, he always has been and I wanted to celebrate his achievement with him. A nice added bonus was his Dad Tim, my brother in law was an Eagle Scout as well.

Billy’s Eagle Scout Project was he collected renewed and new swimsuits and towels for kids at the Springfield YMCA.  I thought this was a great project for two reasons. One is Billy is on the varsity swim team at Longmeadow High and it was nice to help out kids who need the hand.  I was able to collect several items from people at my office, I made a donation as did Dawn.  When I went to drop off what I collected, I was very pleased to see all the donations that Billy had pulled together.

As part of the ceremony they went over what it means to be an Eagle Scout and how few make it that far and what the steps are in getting there. If you thought the Scouts were just kids and adults in uniforms and kerchiefs, you are mistaken! There was a nice program for the day listing the nights camping, miles hiked, community service hours served and each badge they earned as well as their Eagle Scout Project.   I was very impressed by the ceremony.

So, why all this bragging and what is the big deal. The ending is what I am getting to. Each kid had a speech in the end covering what it meant to them, what they got out of Scouting, etc.  At the end of their speeches, they picked a mentor, called their mentor on stage and gave them a pin. Each of the kids picked adults who volunteered their time or helped them along the way. They went alphabetically so Billy was last. The kid before him chose his older brother who made Eagle Scout the year previously. I choked up a bit at that one. Billy gives his speech and at the end, he goes, as my mentor, I picked my uncle. I was shocked! I had no idea. I got up there and he is a very laid back and funny kid, I was floating on air and so excited, he goes, “you surprised?” which I was completely. He put the pin on my shirt and in a very not my family way, I gave him the biggest hug I have probably given him since he was 4 or 5. I was so honored! It was a good day!


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