Oscars at a Glance

I totally missed the Oscars telecast. I usually do not watch too much of it but I was travelling on Sunday, which led to not seeing a second of it.  I don’t take the Oscars seriously, but I do use them as a gauge. I like to see the nominated films and see what I think of the nominees and winners. Typically, I disagree more than agree. Let’s take a look….

Best Picture- No Country for Old Men, winner winner chicken dinner. I agree.

Best Actor- Daniel Day Lewis, slam dunk. Incredible performance

Best Actress- Marion Cotillard from La Vie En Rose, amazing and an upset.

Best Supporting Actor- Javier Bardem, easy one, I am 4 for 4 here.

Best Supporting Actress- Tilda Swinton from Michael Clayton.  I just saw this one last night. I love Tilda and she was very good in it. I have to say though I did not see all the nominees in this one. I missed Gone Baby Gone and I’m Not There.

Best Director- The Coen’s for No Country, Bravo!

Original Screenplay- Juno, Rock On!

Adapted Screenplay- No Country for Old Men, big night for a great film. Tools is pleased.

Cinematography- There Will be Blood- Great reward for this film. It was beautifully shot and really set the tone for a great film.


One Response to “Oscars at a Glance”

  1. Skadz Says:

    You forgot the most important one. Falling Slowly winning for best original song!

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