This is a Statement not a Fortune!!

I mentioned before I went to a 40th birthday party a few weeks ago that Tuck, Sarah and Fiona attended. It was at a Chinese restaurant, at the time for the fortune cookies, Tuck made a declarative statement after reading his “this is a statement not a fortune!”. He was rather indignant about it as well, which is not his personality. So, I inquired and he gave me his fortune and lo and behold, it was clearly a statement and not a fortune. I had a fortune with mine, so I showed him mine. He then went on a very entertaining mini rant about how this always happens to him.

Last night, Dawn and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant in her neighborhood. Insert kudos to Green Tea of Farmington here.  Anyways, the fortune cookies came and we both got statements not fortunes. We thought back to Adrienne’s party and had a good laugh. I’ll share them both with you as proof

Mine: A healthy way of living is be good to your health

Dawn: People who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them.

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