Odds on The 2008 MLB Team of Tools’ World

First update is we are down to nine teams. The ombudsman has ruled and has received public support on it as well that the Milwaukee Brewers are disqualified for 2008 since they were the team of 2006.  Prince Fielder, I’ll miss you big fella.

Let’s take a quick look at the lines out of West Side

Blue Jays 3-1, the North of the Border finalist back for another bite

Padres 4-1, dude, fish tacos all around

Braves 10-1, are they still on TBS or no?

Twins 15-1, playing in a dome is going to be a major hurdle

Astros 20-1,  can the Koby Clemens era be far away?

Reds 25-1, as Tuck says its Dustiny

Giants 30-1, young arms and no Barry is intriguing, lineup is sad though

Marlins 80-1, Hanley Ramirez, the one and only reason

Rangers 100-1, what a strange franchise.


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