What I have been watching on Netflix

I have been slacking on going to the movies as of late. Not alot to draw me to the multiplex as of late now that we are in that post Oscars post summer release time. Its a good time to plow thru some Netflix, especially in the dreary months of winter.  Here it is the good, the bad and the embarrassing.

Last night I watched No End in Sight, it is a documentary on the Iraq War. It was nominated for Best Documentary this year but I don’t believe it won the category. It was excellent.  The documentary was complete before the latest surge strategy which has cut down on the violence.  They really focused on the lack of preparation for the post-invasion time in Iraq. Rumsfeld was made the villain in this one along with Bremer who led up the CPA in Iraq. The film really points to the breakup of the Iraqi military as a major mistake. Very interesting movie and a bit more evenhanded than the typical Michael Moore documentary.

The Darjeeling Limited, this is the latest offering from Wes Anderson. Warning, I am a big Wes Anderson fan. I really enjoyed the film, it wasn’t as good as his best but very enjoyable all the same. The three leads, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson were great together. A bonus with the dvd is the prequel short film Hotel Chevalier which includes my girl Natalie Portman! It was a beautifully shot film, the colors in particular were outstanding.

I caught Michael Clayton last week fresh after Tilda Swinton’s win for Best Supporting Actress. I  like George Clooney and love that he is making such quality films. The movie is an old fashioned law thriller and it delivers.  The story was good but the performances were really fantastic in it.  Another good movie that came out in 2007.

The next film is King of Kong, another documentary. This film is a great example of why I love Netflix so much. I heard nothing about this movie when it was released and I doubt if it even played in Western Mass. I read a few reviews of it in different spots after its dvd release, so I threw it on the Netflix list. Nice move! The documentary is about the world of competitive gaming, specifically, competitive arcade games and in the case of the two main characters, Donkey Kong.  Its a great film which shines a light on a very strange subculture and community. What I liked about the film was it did not mock its characters. They show them for what they are and what their lives are like. Included in there is plenty of comedy though.  The film is short less than 90 minutes and its well worth the time, some great extras on the dvd as well.

I rented the double episode of Family Guy based on Star Wars. I forget when it aired but I missed it. Thankfully, they released it on dvd and its named Family Guy:Blue Harvest. If you are a fan of the show and/or of Star Wars like I am, the laughs come fast and furious. Stewie as Darth Vader is good times.

The bad was the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The first one was alot of great summer popcorn movie fun. The second was alot more cgi than actual fun. Three, not good, feel free to skip this one.

The embarrassing! I am currently going thru the latest season of 24, which I believe is season 6. Jack Bauer is kicking ass, piling up the bodies and torturing anyone who gets in his way, including family members! The show is so over the top, yet I keep getting the next disc.  Its a mix of the Russians and Arabs for bad guys in this season. Highlights, include yet another leak within CTU (possibly the most inept government agency ever), another Presidential assassination attempt, another nuclear device explosion on US soil and Jack Bauer still will not die. How can he? He is Jack Bauer.


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