UMass Athletics Catch Up

The hockey and basketball regular seasons are coming to an end in Amherst. I have not been the best season ticket holder this year for hockey. Which is funny because it is the team I enjoy more and feel more of a dedication too. If I make it tonight, which I should for the regular season finale against Merrimack, that will make my sixth game of the year. Out of 15 home games, not the best record.  The season was very up and down. They got off to a great start and hit #5 in the rankings which I posted about.  The season went downhill, hard and fast after that. They are now in 8th place in their ten team league and own a below .500 record.

The basketball team on the other hand had their last home game on Wednesday night.  I have done a bit better with them. I think looking at the schedule I have made 8 out of 14 games for them. They have weeknight games which makes it easier for me to dart up there, less social commitments during the week. The good thing is I think the tickets got used for every game. The team is back on the upswing, they have won five straight and have one league game left. If they win it, they finish 10-6 in the league and could be looking at an invite to March Madness. It would be the first time for them since 1998. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I never have a good feel with this team on how they are going to do. On Wednesday, I thought most likely a win but a tough game either way. They won 100-63. 

The lacrosse team is off to a 1-1 start and are still reeling a bit from the suspension of 8 players. Since they have taken a hit to their depth, they are playing the dreaded slow down possession game.  I hate that but it makes perfect sense with the situation the team is in this year. The home schedule is not looking too advantageous for me but I may make a visit to Syracuse for their game up there.  We’ll see how the social calendar looks when the game comes around.

GO U-Mass!


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