A Year for 40th Birthday Parties

I am assuming this will not be the only 40th party I will be attending this year.  I hit the big round number this year as do several friends of mine.  The first one will be hard to top. It was almost a month ago now, perusual, I was a tad slow on the technology side of the photos and the blog.  We went to I believe it was Emperor’s Garden in Reading. Great Chinese food and a good spot for a bash. The party was for our friend Adrienne and it was a good chance to catch up with friends from my first job at Individual, Inc.  I think there was 90 or so people at the party. A ton of kids which was very cool. There had to be maybe 20 or so, all I would say at 12 or under.  The kids had a blast all night which was cool to see.  Let’s see if I can get the photos up.

From left to right, myself and my friend Erin, Tuck and Sarah, Fiona, Adrienne surrounded by shorties!

the infamous birthday cake and her husband Nick and their daughter Julia, who cracked us all up!

By far, the highlight of the night was a birthday song by Adrienne’s siblings that was done to the tune of Copa Cabana. Hilarious!


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