First one was a Success!

I did it! I finished my first 5k on Sunday without stopping to walk at any point. I even finished with a pace a little faster than how I go in the gym on the treadmill. It was tough. I wanted to walk at several points but I kept picking a spot in the distance and running to that and then moving on. I ran without a watch and there weren’t really any on the course.  The two things that helped me sort things out was the winner passed me about the half way mark and I thought, cool! Even though he was in a dead sprint right by the finish line, I realized I was now at the half way mark.  Right after that, there was someone on the street at the two mile mark yelling out times. Again I was psyched because I only had a mile left! Not too sore today either. It was a great experience. It was fun to do it with Dawn.  I picked up a t-shirt, a pint glass and a $10 gift certificate to one of my favorite Hartford restaurants.  Good times all around! Here is a link to my results, you have to scroll way down to find me at 971, 35:17.  By the way, ran it in my Guinness hockey jersey. Dawn got a shot of me post race, I should have that one up in a month or so.


One Response to “First one was a Success!”

  1. Ombudsman Says:

    Congrats! Nicely done!! You’ll kick Angel’s ass in the next one (person in front of you)

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