We are down to Three for Baseball ’08

I have to say I have been rather uninspired by final six. Each time I find something to get excited about with one of these choices, I find something else that drives me right away. I hope this can all come together by Monday. The three who are eliminated are…

1.) Toronto Blue Jays- I was really pulling for the Jays this year. They came close to being my pick last year. The injury bug killed them last year. I just read this week that Scott Rolen and BJ Ryan both will not be with the club for the opener. This is not a good sign. Pull the plug on them.

2.) Atlanta Braves- I really can’t stand Bobby Cox, that is a major hurdle. I was willing to get past that. This team is really kind of a mess though, a handful of youngsters that they are counting on but not real comfortable with. A pitching staff that would have been amazing in the mid 90’s.  They do have some big bats though with Chipper and Mark Texeira. I couldn’t get past the old man factor on the team. Braves OUT!

3.) San Francisco Giants- Even though I love some of their young pitching and I light candles for Barry Zito to return to form, I can’t go with the Giants this year. Even in their first year out from under Barry. The reason check out the 3,4 and 5 hitters.  Randy Winn, Aaron Rowand and Bengie Molina. Yikes. Good luck this year Tuck! I am thinking good tickets will be more and more available.

This leaves me looking at the San Diego Padres, Minnesota Twins and the team of Dustiny, the Cincinnati Reds. Wow, really, that is what I have left?  Interesting.


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