The Winner for 2008 MLB Team of the Year

I decided to go with the Team of Dustiny! The Cincinnati Reds are going to be it. I really wanted to go back to the National League. I am historically an American League fan and live in what is generally an American League area, I often feel completely out of touch with the National League. The year I followed the Brewers, it really helped with my NL awareness.  Before I get into why its going to be the Reds, let’s cover the runner ups first.

The San Diego Padres were close but not really. I love their park, I think the National League West is there for the taking but they have a few pieces that I really don’t like. First and foremost, Jim Edmonds, never cared for him or his game. Plus, I think he is a broken down player and the Pads are looking for too much out of him.  I don’t think their team is built well for the ballpark either.

The Twins were the other finalist. I loved the tie-in with the local minor league club the New Britain Rock Cats. Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer were draws along with Francisco Loriano.  I have also been to the Twin Cities twice and loved the area and the people out there.  The downsides were the Dome, I really don’t like baseball indoors, especially if there is a baggie where there should be an outfield wall. The other problem was the AL Central is going to be fierce and I could see the Twins being out of it early.

So, why the Reds? I love the kids. Johnny Cueto is going to be in their rotation and the description a Young Pedro keeps getting used with him. They also have some exciting young position players in Ryan Freel and Joey Votto.  Along with some pitchers on the farm that should make appearances during the year.  The Dusty Baker effect should be interesting as well. Along with being quotable, he may single handed ruin the Reds young arms. He also has a distaste for young players which should make for an interesting mix. Lastly, I think the NL Central is there for the taking and should make for an interesting season.

I didn’t get this posted in time for their opener today against the DBacks. The Reds were down 1-0 in the 1st, last I looked.  I hope this year’s experiment works out. I have to say none of my choices thrilled me like returning to the Indians for another go round.  I will follow the Ombudsman’s ruling, but you never know come September, I may pull off the Jr. Griffey mask and reveal my inner Fausto Carmona!

Let’s Go Reds!


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