Jonathan Coulton Review

I am trying to catch up the blog here, so I am working from the furthest away. On Thursday, April 3rd, I journeyed to the Iron Horse to see Jonathan Coulton perform.  I had not heard a note of his music before making the journey north after work.  The way I got tipped off to the show was a coworker of mine went to high school with Jonathan.  It was hard for me to get a description of his music. I got funny, sing along and a bit geeky. I google’d him and every article I saw mentioned how he built a following thru the wonders of the internet.  Which is nice, but not much of a tip to me on what the music would be like.

It was a great show! The music is hard to describe so I have attached a link to his site below so you can check it out below. Funny, geeky and sing along is a jumping off point. The set up is Jonathan solo with an acoustic guitar. He has a fanatical following. He filled the Iron Horse and I would say 75-90% of the crowd knows every word to every song. It almost reminded of me being at a Phish show. Not the music but the intensity and even demographic makeup of the crowd as well.  Jonathan has an amazing voice, is a good guitar player and I loved his stage presence as well. He is low key and unassuming but definitely has control of the evening all the way thru.

Highlights of the show for me musically were Code Monkey (a song about writing software), 1st of May, a hilarious cover of Baby Got Back and my personal favorite Drinking With You.  It was a very cool night of music that I would have totally missed if I wasn’t meeting someone at the show. I will definitely check him out the next time he comes to the area and try to bring others along as well. I even got to have a beer with him after the show and he was as cool off the stage as on, good dude.

I also wanted to give credit to Paul and Storm, a guitar duo that opened the show. They did a great job and did a hilarious set of songs that matched perfectly with Jonathan’s material. They even swapped sit ins with Jonathan.


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