Vegas, the Travel and the Hotel

Onto the big one, the trip to Vegas. For those of you who don’t know, I generally make it out to Vegas once a year, sometimes every other year. A very good friend of mine from high school relocated there for college and stayed, so I have been visiting for 17 years now. Wow, as Shawn said during my visit, “Tools, We’re old!”.  The city has changed so much during that time and is constantly changing, its always fun to go out, catch up with friends, see what’s new and just enjoy the vibe of Vegas.

I typically do quick hitting trips, two or three nights at most. I like to get in, hit the city hard and limp home. This one was probably the quickest I have ever done. We landed at 7 pm local time on Monday night and we were on a flight out of town at 5 pm on Wednesday.  The flights were no problem at all, we took Southwest and it was all good. We had a stop in Nashville on the way out but we did not have to deplane. We actually were able to upgrade to an exit row during the break so that was great. On the way we had a direct and that went well too.  The plane out was not full, probably close to 2/3 first non full flight to Vegas I had been on since I flew about a month right after 9/11.

The hotel rocked! I always make a point to visit Caesar’s when I am in town. I love the sportsbook as well as the Forum shops.  I have never wanted to stay there though because every time I go in there I get turned around and can’t find either what I am looking for or how to find an exit.  If you want some fun in Vegas ask an employee how to get to an exit, its like asking a Bush cabinet member where the weapons of mass destruction are in Iraq.

Despite my previous problems with directions in Caesar’s, I don’t think we could have had a better spot to stay in. Dawn got us upgraded to a mini-suite gratis since they overbooked on king non smoking rooms. The mini suite was great. It was in the Augustus Tower, the newest Tower there and we had a view of the strip as well as a large plasma and a sitting area complete with couch and two chairs.  The mega resorts in Vegas are turning into Caribbean resorts in that there is no reason to ever leave. The restaurants are incredible, Dawn loved the shops, the room is comfortable, everything is right there.  Plus, its so large, it takes you a while to actually leave the property.  A+ to Caesar’s and I would stay there again in a second. Great service as well, all along the stay.  I never visited the tables during my stay. It just never worked out. I did however hit the sports book each day and lost a total of $35. The only bet I won was on English football. I got Portsmouth with 2-1 odds against West Ham on Tuesday.  Dawn played a little video poker and slots but nothing major. We also hit the big club in Caesar’s, Pure, more on that in a separate post.

That is called a tease people.  🙂




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