Sports Roundup

I thought I would do one catch all post on how my favorite teams are standing. First up is Newcastle.  It looks as though they have pulled clear of relegation danger.  They are currently 12th in the table, 10 points clear of the last relegation team and most importantly undefeated in their last five games. There are two draws in there but all positive results. You know I am into soccer when I was pleased with their 0-0 draw last week at Portsmouth.  They had one great chance to get the win but the goalie made a great reaction save on it. At the end of the match, I said to myself, I’ll take that. I was like, oh wait, a  0-0 game is why Americans hate soccer.

The Reds, this will not be a good update on my adopted team. They managed to get swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates last weekend. Add in a loss yesterday to the Cubs and you have a 4 game losing streak. Even more troubling is Aaron Harang and Johnny Cueto both have lost their last starts.  They have two more at Wrigley then return home for a weekend set with the Brew Crew.  Dusty Baker has already had some classic quotes this year, I’ll have to find away to start compiling these or throw them up once I see them.

The UMass Lacrosse team has fought back strongly the last few weeks. They have gotten back to a 5-5 record with a 3 game win streak and are currently 3-1 in their league. This is admirable with all the turmoil the team has gone thru this season. They travel to #5 ranked Georgetown on Saturday, that could be an ugly one.

The UMass hoop team is about to suffer a major loss. Internet reports have head coach Travis Ford leaving for the job at Oklahoma State. Travis has done a great job righting the direction of the program. I always knew he would be moving on to a bigger and better opportunity if he succeeded. So, if it turns out to be true, good luck to Travis and come on AD McCutcheon and make another strong hire for a hoop coach!

One of my favorite sports times of the year has arrived. NHL Playoff action. I have seen bits and pieces of games so far. The action looks great. I watched most of the Bruins-Canadiens game last night and have to say I am completely out of touch with the Bruins current roster, alot of names I don’t recognize. So, I will be supporting the Caps/Penguins in the East and the Wild out West and hoping for as many 7 game series as possible! Drop the Puck!



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