Vegas, Tools Goes Clubbin’!

It is true, I hit the club scene in Vegas. I have gone out dancing before in Vegas in various lounges and bars, but never hit the club scene that has erupted out there in the last several years. I am about as far as hip or a club guy that you could find without going to a Jonathan Coulton concert and picking someone out of the crowd.  Many, many years ago I hit a few of the clubs on Lansdowne on dance nights and felt very non European and very out of place.

We had Tuesday night as our one night to whoop it up in Vegas. I wanted to surprise Dawn with show tickets. Yeah, that didn’t work out so much with our dinner reservations at 7, the time of the shows as well as the cost of some of the Cirque tickets.  My backup plan was to see a few of the sights of the strip, the fountains at Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower and then I found two lounges in Caesar’s that had dancing and had no cover charge. We never go out dancing so I thought that would be a treat.

Dawn trumped my plan, while in her conference, she checked out the information on Caesar’s and decided she wanted to go to Pure! I had heard of it thru various gossip shows, etc. I was like, crap, this is going to be expensive and I will be out of place in my polo golf shirt and black dress pants. Bingo, no cover for Caesar’s guests!  After dinner with our friends. We went to Bellagio but no fountain show due to high winds. We went over to the Paris casino and went up in the Eiffel Tower, I had never done that. It was fun but freezing that night with the high winds.

After that, it was about 10:30 or so and I declared that I needed a warmup before hitting the club scene. So, I took Dawn to the new Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at Harrah’s directly across the street from Caesar’s. We had a great time here. I worked my way thru the Margarita and Boat Drink menu quite a bit. The bartenders were great, the people watching good and a fun cover band was playing too. We even warmed up with some dancing here to songs like Jesse’s girl, sweet home alabama and some other treats too.

By 12:30 or 1, it was time to head to Pure. I got Dawn into the line and I ran her coat and bag up to the room. She was thru the line by the time I got back but was graciously waiting for me at the front of the line. After a few minutes wait, we got in and paid no cover after flashing the key card.  The place was huge, it was all in black and white and you walk down a long hallway to the main dance room. There was a burlesque/Pussycat Dolls room to the left, then some private lounges and rooms along the right. The main room was jammed on a Tuesday night, its Vegas Baby! Dawn tried to work our way to the dancefloor but we actually got to the VIP Area where we met a bouncer telling us to turn away. We got on the dancefloor eventually and bumped and grinded away for 30 minutes or so. They played popular music in this area, like stuff of the radio which surprised me, I expected the thump, thump, thumpa club music. The crowd was a mix of tourists, young club kids and very creepy foreign guys. I did not see Paris Hilton or any other stars but I did include a link below about Paris’ antics at the Club.

Dawn wanted to go because it was such a Vegas thing to do and nothing like what we would do in Insurance Land. She was totally right and it was alot of fun in there. Only problem was the attitude of the employees and how packed the dance floor was. I love dancing with Dawn but not much on getting the bump, grind and elbows from everyone around me.  I definitely stuck out a bit but no more than any of the other tourists.

Dawn read that they had beds to lounge on in the club and after seeing a Sex In the City episode that featured such a thing, she had to see them, so we went hunting. We never found them but we did find the rooftop bar and dance floor which overlooks the fountains of Caesar’s as well as the Strip. This part rocked. We danced out there for a bit and on a little warmer night, we could have stayed out there all night.

The one tale to tell from the club was from the main room. We were dancing and the vip area kind of wrapped around and above the dance floor. There was this guy right over the center of the dance floor.  He obviously was a high roller or someone famous to get such prime space. He was a human b the Hutt. Mid 50’s, very overweight, very moussed up hair, just slimy looking, he had this linen shirt on and flashy pants, trying to look clubby. The amusing part was he had four what I would call female escorts with him, all under 25.  They were dancing around and drinking champagne, while the whole time Sid the Movie Producer I will call him, had his hands, pelvis and tongue all over them on a rotating basis. It was funny and sad all at once. I figured between the vip spot at Pure, drinks and female company, he had to be looking at least a 50k night.  Watch out, your Vegas is showing!




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