One foot in the 21st century

Your blogger got an Ipod last night. Nano 8 gb. Its part of my new running hobby. Adam and Ryan are on the whole Nike+ deal and I want to join up with them. I had excellent service last night at the Apple store as far as helping to clue in the clueless. I will update you as I crack the box and get the thing fired up.



One Response to “One foot in the 21st century”

  1. Julesb Says:

    Even I haven’t gone there yet! Let me know how it works out for you.

    I’ve enjoyed the responses I’ve gotten when I tell folks I’ve never had one. I’m such a rebel – no ipod!!!

    Something about living in the city. I see people plugged in all the time. The commuters, the college kids, everyone seems to be blocking out the sounds of the city. I can’t seem to bring myself to that stage. I enjoy evesdropping on co-workers, tourists and college kids. There’s usually an interesting conversation within earshot. It also helps when you can hear the buses, cop cars, and shi*tty Boston drivers yelling at you.

    Now, for running, makes sense to get an ipod for that. Music is one of the most popular motivators we have.

    You’ll have to share your playlist when you get that sucker loaded.

    Me, I guess I’ll have to adapt. I’ll just wait for the new Apple store to open here in Boston. The three floor store directly across from the Pru on Boylston Street is scheduled to open this spring.

    I’m not giving up my turntable yet………

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