Bricco a new Restaurant Love

On last Saturday, I took Ma down to West Hartford for the afternoon for some shopping and more importantly to me, lunch. West Hartford is a new spot for me.  Its a nice, upper scale neighborhood within Hartford.  I never really checked it out very much, but I have gone a few times now. Its alot of boutique stores, restaurants and bars.   I had dinner over there three times now with Dawn. We went to a Mexican place the first time, which I found out on Saturday is now closed, Arugula an awesome Mediterranean place and then Cheesecake Factory which is in the new Blue Black Square development a few blocks from the main drag of West Hartford center.

 Onto Bricco, they have a very large patio outside the restaurant for dining but since it was a gorgeous spring day in Hartford, it was full up. Mom and I dined inside. I loved the room. Its modern but still comfortable. Our waiter was excellent all the way thru the meal. I will include a link to the menu at the end of the post but Mom and I both found about eight things on the menu that we wanted. So, I suggested that we split our lunch entrees and that way we could both try two things off the menu.  I noticed at the host desk an Esquire magazine cover that mentioned their Grilled Lobster and Cheese Sandwich.  So, that was one choice and then I went with the Penne with Pepper Vodka and added Chicken to it.

First, the bread that was brought to the table and the olive oil that was on the table were a perfect match.  It wasn’t quite a foccacia but there was cheese baked into the bread.  I went with their caesar salad before the meal and it was great. Garlic croutons, thinly shaved parmesan and Tools was happy. The lunches were even better. The grilled lobster and cheese sandwhich was amazing.  Chunked lobster with havarti cheese all on two big pieces of toast. It just melted in your mouth after the crunch of the bread.  The pasta was incredible as well.  It had sundried tomatoes, cream, basil and cheese, so good, chicken chunks were nice and tender.  Home run of a lunch!

I can’t wait to go back to Bricco and sample some more of the menu! I love to find new places but the downside is it seems like it makes it longer between visits to my traditional Don spots. I haven’t been to the Big Mamou in Springfield in way too long!


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