First Ipod Use

Dawn helped me out this week with getting the IPod loaded. I put on a two disc Pearl Jam show and one disc from a Phish live show in 95. Its nothing I know but that will give more than enough to draw from for my runs. I figured concerts were a good place to start, they flow and I thought that would be good.

I used it for the first time this morning at the gym. I was thrilled with how it worked out. First, the sound is excellent on the Ipod. I chose Phish to run to and did a 20 minute run on the treadmill. I picked a female voice for my coach. They do a countdown for you.  5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, you have gone half way, 15 minutes, 2 minutes to go and you have completed your run! Now comes the funny part. It obviously was my first workout, after my female coach was done, a new voice comes on.

“This is Lance Armstrong, congratulations, you have just completed your longest workout to date. Good Job! Congratulations!” I was still doing my walking cool down on the treadmill but I still died laughing.  I think that will be my new goal now to get Lance’s voice piped into me.

A success so far! Next step will be to get this info uploaded to the nike website. I have my second 5k on Sunday. I am doing the River Run in Simsbury, CT. I will report back on Monday!

Have a great weekend!



One Response to “First Ipod Use”

  1. Ombudsman Says:

    Phish? for your run…what’s that? like, half a song? Congrats on the iPod and running success!

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