2nd 5k is a success!

It looks like this running thing is sticking! I ran the Simsbury River Run on Sunday in Simsbury, CT. It was a good day for a run, little overcast and probably in the upper 50’s. The course was very nice. It went along the bike path in Simsbury, along a river and down these nice side/country roads.  I think physically it was a little harder than my first one. I started to cramp a little and feel crummy about half way but the second half went much better. Not too far into the race, I found a woman running at a good pace and used her as my pacesetter.  I passed her once and she kind of took off on me in the last kilometer but it was all good. If it wasn’t for trying to keep up with her, I don’t if I would have done as well as I did.

The Ipod worked wonderfully again. I set the distance to 5k and Dawn set up a road race playlist for me of songs from the Pearl Jam concert. The songs I picked added up to around 35 minutes, which is what I did the first race in. Well, I improved despite feeling like I wasn’t doing as well. I finished in 31:25, which gave me a pace of 10:07 a mile. Neither is fantastic but when you look at my first times of 35:17 and 11:22, I am feeling very good about it.  The ipod was good, it notified me at each kilometer, the half way mark and then it counted down at the end 400 meters, 300 meters, etc. As I had not done 5k with the Ipod before, I also got my Lance Armstrong congratulations at the end as well!

The next race I have my eye on is the Longmeadow Days Race on May 17th.  I am hoping to have one of my nephews run with me for that one. The hurdle there will be its a 8 am start time. That is very early on a Saturday for me.




One Response to “2nd 5k is a success!”

  1. Whit Says:

    Congrats on your second 5K!

    I heard from Joan Benoit Samuelson at the end of my workout on Saturday, fastest time I’ve recorded for a mile yet – thanks Joan. 😉

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