This is a little awkward

I assume most of you have heard about the tragedy at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby. The filly Eight Belles had to be put down after the race due to an injury. It all happened right on the track after the race had just completed.

How is that awkward?  I love the Derby and have a life goal to get to each of the Triple Crown races. If at all possible, I like to lay some money on each of the Triple Crown races. I did my usual handicapping combination of horse name, jockey and odds to pick out some horses to bet on.  I stopped at the teletheater in Windsor Locks, CT on my way home Friday night to place bets for a few coworkers, Dawn, my Mom and myself.  Yup, I took Eight Belles (come on who doesn’t love Southern Belles?) to win, place or show. So, I had a winning ticket on a horse that had to be put down.

It was a total of $17 to me off a $2 bet, so I cashed it. I bet a total of $32 on the race, so I was a loser overall. None the less, a bit awkward.



One Response to “This is a little awkward”

  1. Whit Says:

    We watched the Derby as well – I took Eight Belles and Adam took Big Truck. His boy finished up in the back of the pack, but alive and well. I’ve checked out some of the postings on the farm’s website and there is some talk about picking a charity for people to donate to in her name. Very, very sad – she was a beautiful horse with a lot of heart.

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