Tools’ Baseball Team Update after 1 month

Its not good people, in fact it is really poor. The Reds are in the midst of a five game losing streak. Bronson Arroyo, he of the acoustic guitar and Red Sox past got lit up again yesterday. One day its the hitting that doesn’t come thru, the next two or three days its the pitching, its ugly.  I am hanging in there but it will get tough if this trend continues, here are the standings as of today, May 5th. This covers the teams from the last two years as well as who I considered for this year, away we go

Twins 16-14  could it be I missed an opporutinity in the Twin Cities?

Brewers 16-15, West Side boy Capuano is out for the year

Indians 14-17, last year’s darlings not off to a strong start. Grady’s Ladies have to be concerned!

Reds 12-20, yes, 8 games below .500 already

Padres 12-20, fish tacos not enough to live on apparently

btw, Reds and Padres are not only tied at the bottom of my standings but MLB standings. They have the two worst records to start the season. Think of whatever crappy team you can think of, my boys are worse. 





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