Movie Review- Baby Mama

The lady and I broke our long movie drought and went to the local cineplex last week.  We chose the new Tina Fey-Amy Poehler movie, Baby Mama. I loved their chemistry on Weekend Update on SNL and read some positive reviews, so we were in.  I had a bit of a concern of watching Tina Fey for 90+ minutes, since I think she could be the worst actress in many years. I like her, but she plays Tina Fey and that is it.

The movie was very funny, alot of loud Don laughs in it. I think this may still be an issue for Dawn when watching a movie in public with me but I have not confirmed that. There was probably a grand total of 12 people in the theater.   Tina Fey played Tina Fey again. The premise is Tina Fey is a late 30’s successful single professional and has the baby itch. After trying to get pregnant on her own, she goes the surrogate route. In comes Amy Poehler and the hilarity and a few plot twists begin! 

Greg Kinnear played Greg Kinnear. Does anyone remember he started off as a host of an E television show? Anyone?

(Sidenote: I had my first exposure to the E show, the Soup two weekends ago I think it was, HILARIOUS!)

Dax Shepard from Punked! played Amy Poehler’s boyfriend. It looks like the casting so far was get one dimensional actors and let them do their thing.  I really don’t like Dax but he did have a couple of hilarious lines in this one.  The plus side in the casting was three great supporting roles by Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin and Romany Malco (black guy from 40 year old Virgin). Each of these characters were great and played very well too.

Movie ticket prices are ridiculous right now so I can’t say run to the cineplex to give up $10 a ticket for it but if you want a fun light night out, go for it! I certainly did not feel cheated after seeing it. The summer movies are starting to roll in, so hopefully I will be doing some more non Netflix movie reviews.



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