Dancing Nancies 5/16

I thought I would a nancies post today since I didn’t have any one thing to go on long winded about today….

The third 5k of the season is on Saturday. It is the Tim Paige Memorial Race it is part of the Long Meddowe Days celebration in Longmeadow this weekend.  It is at 8 am, not thrilled with that start time.  My nephew Ben he of the football fame in the fall may be running with me, but I think that may be too early for a high school freshman.

The second leg of the horse racing Triple Crown is on Saturday, the Preakness from Baltimore, MD. I will be wagering on it. I should be able to hit the Teletheater this evening or tomorrow before race time. I just went on espn.com to share my picks with you and one of them is already out. Behindatthebar is out! This news ruins one of my trifecta picks. Big Brown the derby winner is a prohibitive favorite at 1-2 odds, so I planned on boxing up a few trifectas (which never work for me) with some of my name long shot picks. I had a bar/alcohol themed one with Tres Borrrachos, behindathebar, but that won’t be happening.  So, my other trifecta pick is friend influenced. I will be going with Big Brown, Riley Tucker and Icabod Crane in a trifecta.  Crane and Tucker being good friend’s last names. The long shots I will be going with my hefty $2 across the board bets are Tres Borrachos and Racecar Rhapsody (shout out to my NASCAR peeps).  Go baby Go! Let’s hope for no tragedies on this one.

The NHL playoffs have been disappointing to this point. They are down to the final four, and neither series are very competitive. I am hoping for a Detroit-Pittsburgh final to be epic. In that scenario, I am rooting for the Crosby-Malkin duo to raise the Cup.

Dawn and I went to a 2 year old’s birthday party last weekend for a friend of her’s son. Besides some great appetizers and cakes, the best part was seeing his toys. There were two from my childhood that I loved. A dump truck and a toy plane, I had smaller versions of both of those and they got used heavily from when I got them til about age 5 or 6. NIce memories on that one.

Nice uncle honors for me over the last week. I was the sponsor for confirmation twice. It was for my nephew Billy and my niece Maggie.  Whatever you may think of the Catholic religion and there is plenty to bash there but it is a very nice honor and one I take seriously. Plus, such occasions are great reasons for cake! Ha, Ha.

I lucked out last weekend at Turn It Up! in Northampton and picked up two great cd’s. One is Goin’  Home, the Fats Domino tribute cd, a two disc affair, great tunes, all guest artists doing his work and many are New Orleans bands are involved. The other is the latest Avett Brothers cd, Emotionalism, love the disc.

Could I have been an owner/chef of a 8 table restaurant?





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