Iron Man Review

I checked out Iron Man at the local cineplex on Saturday afternoon. I was very skeptical of this movie when I first heard about not only because I knew zilch of the Iron Man comic book but Robert Downey Jr was playing the lead role. I am a Downey Jr fan but him as a super hero? It seemed bizarre to me. The movie came out and got solid reviews, did a huge amount of box office and a few friends and coworkers encouraged me to check it out.

Saturday was supposed to be a rain out so I figured it was a good day to go check out one of the big blockbusters of the summer. I was impressed! It was too long for me but that is a usual criticism for me. They seriously could have cut a good 20 minutes out of it.  It met the summer blockbuster standards with great action, fights, chases, special effects, etc. The twist was though they had some excellent actors in the movie. Robert Downey Jr was excellent in the lead role. Iron Man is not your typical Superman type hero, he has some issues. The casting was a good fit and he pulled it off.  Terrence Howard played his military liaison. Gwyneth Paltrow stopped giving babies odd names and played Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s assistant. Jeff Bridges played the turncoat bad guy and was excellent as well.  The movie had alot of great lines in it and good humor to it as well.

It was definitely worth a trip to the cineplex for this one. The comic book genre has been hit and miss for me. I did see the preview for the latest Batman with Heath Ledger as the Joker and that one looks very interesting.





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