Adopted Team Update

If you haven’t been able to tell by the frequency of my posts, my interest in the Reds is not up to par with past seasons. I am still keeping an eye on the scores daily and checking the Enquirer site but the team has not grabbed me and they are NEVER on a national telecast. They have had a couple of good hot streaks but whenever they do, they step right back. Anyways, here are the standings

Brewers 33-30

Twins 31-33 (The Twins are backsliding, I think they need some Crane love)

Reds 31-34 (Griffey hits 600, this has to be a huge relief for the clubhouse)

Indians 29-35 (I haven’t paid attention at all here but  no idea how they are six games under)

Padres 28-37 (The year has never gotten going for the town the Germans discovered)

If you haven’t noticed, not one team I had under consideration is over .500




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