Another 5k in the books

I had my fourth 5k race on Saturday! It was a great event. I ran in the Race for the Cure for the Susan Komen Foundation in Hartford. The Komen Foundation raises money for breast cancer research.  I ran in honor of my friend Margie’s Mom who passed away last year after fighting breast cancer very bravely.  I was able to raise $660 thru pledges from friends and family!  It was the first race I have done with a real fund raising arm to it and it felt special to take part in it.  

It was a big event. They turned Bushnell Park in Hartford into a fair/festival type setup with all sorts of tents and booths.  They were trying to get to 5,000 runners registered, I am not sure if they hit that goal or not. I have not been able to find the results online as of yet, which is odd.   It was very touching to see groups running together and there were a ton of volunteers and supporters along the route as well.

Running wise, I slid backwards which I was afraid of. The clock at the end had me at 32:40. It took me a little bit to get to the starting line, so I was probably a little better than that time. There were two hills, which I handled fine. I just go harder to get the hills over with.  The problem with that strategy when it flattens out, I am kind of beat. 

Overall, it was a great experience and I definitely want to take part again next year. The next race I am looking to do is the New Charles River Run on the 29th in Cambridge and Boston.


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