Annual Dave Matthews Show in Hartford

Dave Matthews is on his summer tour and as usual he made a two night stop in Hartford at the Meadows.  I checked out the Saturday show this year. Dave does not have a new album out to plug but is working on one. From what reports were he would not be previewing the new material like he has done in previous years. 

I went against the better judgement I have shown the previous three years and decided to tailgate this year  before the show. The reason I say this is Dave draws a real young crowd of high schoolers and college kids who show up for no other than reason to get ripped. This has led to violence in the parking lots before or after previous year’s shows. Its so weird when you think of the type of music Dave plays. The tailgating decision turned out ok. It was my coworker Dan and I and we had a great time. Dan brought the beer and grill and I brought the food. The teryaki steak tips and Italian sausage came out perfectly! We even chatted up some of younger neighbors before the show and had fun with that.

The only disappointment of the night was we missed the opening act, Alejandro Escovedo. He is an act out of Texas that I have read alot of positive things about. I have also heard some of his stuff on KGSR out of Austin online.  The food and the beers at the tailgate were too good to pull away from.

The seats rocked, thank you to the Warehouse as usual for hooking them up. We were 2nd row dead center.  The lineup change for this tour was long time keyboardist Butch Taylor out, long time Dave collaborator Tim Reynolds in on electric guitar.  The show was amazing. Alot of hits as you can see from the setlist. I know Dave gets maligned by alot of people but his band can kill it. It was great to see so up close on Saturday that the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage. The tour is at its early stages so that worked for Hartford! I have never been disappointed by a Dave Matthews Band show and this one continues the tradition.

btw, no damage to any vehicles or any police involved with the yutes after the show.

Saturday  Jun 14 2008
New England Dodge Music Center

Pantala Naga Pampa 
Crash Into Me 
So Damn Lucky 
Grey Street 
Cant Stop  *
The Maker 
So Much To Say 
Anyone Seen The Bridge 
Too Much 
Pay For What You Get +
Dancing Nancies 
What You Are 
Tripping Billies 
Corn Bread 
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) 

Show Notes:
* No Horns
+ Without Rashawn

  indicates a segue into next song


One Response to “Annual Dave Matthews Show in Hartford”

  1. Whit Says:

    Ah, the DMB fans – some favorite memories come to mind.

    Foxboro – we end up sitting next to two teenage guys. One of whom immediately pukes and passes out. He comes to for the encore and is screaming about how it’s the best concert ever. Um, ya missed the whole show, but sure. As a side note, his friend thoroughly enjoyed the concert and wasn’t the least bit worried about his buddy.

    Our first MN indoor concert, guy next to us kept telling Everyone “thanks for coming out” REPEATEDLY. “Hey, thanks for coming out,” he’d pick up his beer and then turn right back to us, “hey, thanks for coming out.” He was also trying to get his wedding invite on stage for the band.

    Our first WI outdoor concert was at Alpine Valley, great venue, but it had rained recently. Adam and I had the best time standing at the top of the valley and watching the drunk kids wipe out in the wet grass and be stunned that it was wet and muddy – highly entertaining

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