Adopted Baseball Team Update for End of June

This is also the half way point of the season. As I have done a few times in my life, it looks as though I have chosen unwisely.  The young kids on the Reds are exciting but they just have not put the right mix together for this year. I will hang in at least until the end of July. Here we go….

Twins, 45-38 (2.5 games back in AL Central), the Twins went 14-5 in June, wow! It looks like the Twins got a stomach full of fried curds and got rolling!

Brewers, 44-38 (5.5 games back in the NL Central) Prince Fielder has tax issues, nothing like learning from your Dad.

Reds, 39-45 (11.5 games back in the NL Central, 9 back in Wild Card) The up and downs with youth, trouble in the rotation, its not good.

Indians 37-46 (10.5 games back in the AL Central) this shocks me. I knew the Reds were a stretch but the Indians struggling, I did not see that coming. Where does CC Sabathia land at the deadline?

Padres 33-51 (9.5 games back in the NL West) The suckiest bunch of sucks. Hopefully the waves have been tasty in San Diego County.

A little secret here. Last week, I watched all three of the Sox-Diamondbacks games and watched some of the Astros series. Soxes are fun to watch this year. 



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