Mark Morris Group at Tanglewood

Last Friday, I took Mom up to Tanglewood in Lenox for an evening of dance with the Mark Morris Group. It was her Mother’s Day present. You have to love giving a present which benefits you as much as the person who receives it! Ha, Ha.

This evening was a homerun even before we left the house. How can the combination of my favorite dance troupe and the beautiful setting of Tanglewood go wrong? Answer, it cannot. It was an amazing evening.  The performance took place in the Ozawa Hall building not in the big shed performance area. It was my first time to Ozawa Hall and I loved it. We were in the back row but the sightlines were great as well as the sound.  The back of the theater opens up to a lawn, so even though when you are inside it, it as a traditional theater setting, you can still enjoy the outdoors if you like on the lawn and still see and hear the performance. It was a beautiful summer evening in the Berkshires. We had time to walk the grounds and check out the magnificent hills in the distance. I love just walking around Tanglewood to enjoy the setting.

I have seen the Mark Morris group several times and have never been disappointed. His group is actual the first modern dance group that I ever saw. I love how he uses music and breaks tradition by having men dance with men, women with women and uses dances of different shapes and colors than what you see at a traditional ballet performance.

The performance on Friday was incredible. I won’t say it was the best one I have seen from his group.  There were four pieces for the evening.  New Love Song Waltzes,  Bedtime, Excursions and Love Song Waltzes. Excursions was a world premiere, which was exciting. All four were excellent. The dance, the costuming, the spirit and music were all incredible. The music at some points I think even outshone the dance. Mark Morris loves to use live music and the Berkshires seems to really inspire him because he always uses fellows from the Tanglewood music program. Three of the pieces featured singers and the voices were just amazing.

The extra point on the evening was Mark Morris himself sat about 8 rows in front of us. The first two pieces of the evening were done while it was still relatively light out and it was a blast to watch his reaction. He had rabbit ears for anything that happened in the crowd. Any latecomers or people who moved during the performance got looks. It was very entertaining. I didn’t bother him at all, but if I did, it would have been a simple thank you. The man is brilliant!




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