Daytona-The Travel and Accomadations

Along with the race itself and everything that goes with it, the travel and accommodations went very well too.  I flew Southwest down and as usual, no issues there at all. I had a B seating number for the flight down on Wednesday night and still got an aisle seat on an exit row, SCORE! The flight down was on time and the one coming back on Sunday was early by 15 minutes. Nice direct flights out of Bradley International. One funny travel note was on the way home. I use a valet parking site off the airport grounds, roncari for any locals, they are good. Anyways, I hop on their shuttle and it is full. A young family with two kids is on there. Even before we pull away from the terminal, the parents are starting in on each other. Not yelling, but definitely picking at each other. The wife actually said to her husband, “whining about it, isn’t going to help.” We pull away from the terminal and the discourse between the two continues and gets saltier, no swearing and no yelling though. As we get past the last terminal, a guy about 50 is sitting on the back bench with me. He leans into them and goes, “excuse me, but do you guys realize you are in public?” I had my Ipod in but almost died laughing but kept it to myself.  The wife apologizes, the guy, who was big and young, gets huffy with him and tells the guy to mind his own business. The commentator goes, “hey, if the two of you could have waited at least until you got in your car, I could have!” At that point, I had to laugh.  This couple broke the cardinal rule I was always told that ran our family, “we’re in public, the least you can do is act normal. Do NOT embarrass us!” Good times, good times, travel just brings out the best in some people.

I flew down ahead of Julie and Ed on Wednesday night. So, my good friends at Hotwire hooked me up with a Wyndham hotel by the airport that offered a free shuttle for 65 for the night.  They hit my requirements of a comfortable bed, good shower and what I like to call the coffin curtains to keep the light out. I didn’t land until 11:30 so I slept in a bit. I made a call in the morning to work out and skip the free breakfast. Mistake, the treadmill was not up to par, but still usable.

The Doubletree that hooked us up with was great. It was right across the street from the Universal Studios park.  The room was nice, it met all Don requirements. The pool area was nice and featured a bar. We hit the breakfast buffet that was offered and it was very tasty and offered lots of different items.  The bummer there was it was 16 bucks for it. I did get some grits though, love my Southern food. Ed was disturbed by a child walking barefoot thru the restaurant and managed to throw her flip flops onto a table surface. Lastly, how good is that warm chocolate chip cookie upon check in at Doubletree, damn I love that.

The last travel note goes to When we booked this trip, we really looked at all the different options. Doing it all ourselves in a hotel, a package or even renting an rv down there for the weekend.  Since, we we were all newbies, we booked thru and their partner, What a huge move this was! They took care of us beginning to end. All the supplies we needed for the race track were provided by them. The tickets were great, the transportation was excellent and they kept the buses running during the day which was nice to have to grab some air conditioning.  The greener side of Don didn’t appreciate it, but sweating his ass off in mid day Florida heat Don quite enjoyed having a cool bus to sit in during the day.


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