Another Race and a Good One!

On Sunday, I participated in the GE 5k Road Race in Plainville, CT. It was a benefit for the Petit Family Foundation. You probably don’t know the Petit family but you may remember their story. They were the victims of a home invasion last year in Cheshire, CT where the Dad survived but his wife and two daughters were murdered.  As soon as I saw the race online, I knew it was a close for a must for me to get to. The Foundation raises funds to encourage young people to study the sciences, to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illness and to protect and help victims of violence.

It was a fantastic event. They had over 3,000 walkers and runners for it. They had a ton of sponsors and volunteers as well.  The day was way too hot for a run, but its July. I did well though, better than  my last one in Cambridge. I did it in 30:25 for a 9:48 mile pace. They had alot of water on the course and many neighbors along the route put sprinklers out facing the road which was nice. I did see a guy collapse from the heat a few hundred yards from the finish. It was scary. I notified a police officer to help him. A few more experienced runners were trying to get him stop before he went down too.

Dr. Petit, the father spoke before the race and did a very nice of thanking people for coming out and giving encouragement as well. The race was in Plainville because he grew up there. The race was organized by his brother and a classmate of his from high school. A+ job for everyone who put it together.

Here is a link to an article about the race from the Hartford paper.,0,1908840.story


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