Wave the White Flag on the Adopted Baseball Team

Alright, I think we can put this season down as the biggest disappointment to date in the adopt a baseball team experiment.  The last month, I have really not paid any attention to the Reds besides checking scores and the standings.  The mix of vets and youngsters with a few mediocre players in between just never took off. They have traded Junior Griffey to the White Sox and the season appears to be in free fall. The season is interesting with tight races all around except for the AL West, so I will still be paying attention just not to the Reds or with a team to root for. Let’s look at the final standings for this year

Twins (62-49)- First place in the AL Central by a half game over the White Sox. This is a blown call if there ever was one. I could have shared a team with the Walsh’s!

Brewers (62-50)- Second place in NL Central, leading wild card. I may have picked this team a few years too early. They made a bold move by picking CC Sabathia off of the Indians prior to the deadline.

Reds (51-61)-  Last place in NL Central, 16 games back. The Cueto/Dusty magic never took old. Les Nessman weeps

Indians (48-62)- Last place in the AL Central, yes, below the Royals. 13.5 games back.  The award for the team who fell off the planet this year

Padres (43-69)- Last place in the NL West, there is an accomplishment. 14.5 games back. Are they even trying?


One Response to “Wave the White Flag on the Adopted Baseball Team”

  1. Ombudsman Says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself…the Twins still play in a dome. Funny local story, when they had the chance to take first last week, the dome was at capacity. They dropped that decision and the next night? Plenty o’ open seats. Twins Fever, baby!

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