Dance and Dinner

I apologize about the lack of posts lately. We had a big month end push at work last week and the social calendar was full, meant no blogging. It should be fast and furious now.

I had one bit leftover from the vacation week. I wanted to post on my trip to Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, MA to see the Santa Fe/Aspen Ballet company.  I headed up there on the Friday evening of my vacation week. Mama Tools joined me for the trip.

In a shock, we worked a nice dinner into the game plan. It was a new spot for me, the School Street Bistro in Westfield. I had my last class reunion there but it was a buffet dinner. It has been open for several years and I have heard nothing but good things. Its just not in my usual path of places I get to. After eating there, I have to say this should change! We started with their gorgonzola garlic bread, I always a sucker for that. Their version was very good, not East Side Grill level but very good. I had the lobster ravioli for my entree and loved it. Plenty of ravioli came with a good amount of lobster in each. The sauce was excellent as well.   I will definitely make a return trip to School Street, excellent restaurant.

We left too much time in the schedule to get up Route 20 to Becket. We arrived close to an hour before the performance was scheduled. We walked the grounds which are lovely and visited the store but we still had some left. We attended the pre performance lecture by a visiting lecturer/dance scholar. I had never done anything like that before, it was excellent. She really shed quite a bit of light on the company and the pieces that we would be seeing later in the evening. As it is, Aspen/Santa Fe ballet focuses on works done by living choreographers, which I thought was very interesting and exciting. She also went over the themes and meanings of the pieces, which I have to admit, I rarely get.

The dances themselves were excellent. I wouldn’t say the best company I have seen but I was very impressed. I always seem to notice that either the men or women were better with each company I see. In this case, I thought the female dancers were fantastic. We saw four pieces and all were very good. My favorite was a piece done where the dancers were seated for 95% of the performance. It was very interesting to see how they danced without a great deal of moving around the stage. It was very original I thought.

Another great night at Jacob’s Pillow and a new favorite restaurant to visit. A home run of an evening!


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