The Best Rock Band in the Land

I got a bold statement for the subject on this one and I am more than ready to stand by it. Last Saturday night, I journeyed to Boston to Harborlights, so I could see My Morning Jacket. Their latest album, Evil Urges has gotten a ton of good press and for good reason. I have been a fan of the band since I saw them open up for Foo Fighters which was probably five or six years ago now. They were touring behind It Still Moves and since then have also released Z which I loved. The band has many different influences and you hear everyone of them in their music. The band keeps evolving and I love all the turns they take.  If you couldn’t tell, I was pretty pumped for this show.

I had been keeping an eye on the ticket situation since it went onsale and it never sold out. So, I decided to screw Ticketmaster and get a ticket at the gate. I headed out early since we were getting the forward effects of Tropical Storm Anna on Saturday. After an always tasty burrito stop at Anna’s, it was down to Harborlights. The rain was just starting as I got there, I illegaly parked by the venue and was able to get a seat from the box office, dead center about 25 rows from the stage. It was going to be a good night!

After a few pregame pops at the Seaport Bar and restaurant, it was into the show. There was no opener just the band from Kentucky was playing tonight. They came out and did an amazing 2.5 hour set, straight thru.  They played tunes from all over their catalog, I have the setlist below. The energy stayed high thru the set and the crowd was right there with them.

Jim James is an excellent front man. He came out with a cape on and quickly dropped it to rip away at his guitar. It was funny though, he would put the cape back on for songs that he did not play guitar on. He worked the whole stage running from end to end and engaging the crowd. He said it was great to be back in Boston with the usual intense energy from the crowd.  The band was incredibly tight but with improvisation as well. They have been playing mostly festivals over the summer. The bassist Two Tone Tommy Blankenship on bass, Carl Broemel on guitar, Patrick Hallahan on drums and Bo Koster on keys were all superb. I am telling you this band is just flying high right now!

Among highlights for me were the opener of Mahgeetah, the three in a row of Off the Record, Evil Urges and Touch me I’m going to Scream. The long jams of Dodante were great too. I also just love I’m Amazed, Alunimum Park and Look at You and all three delivered.

The one bummer of the show as the torrential rains that greeted the end of the show. I found some free on street parking probably about a 1/2 mile from the venue and I got soaked on the run/walk back to the car. Luckily, I brought dry clothes to change into but I hadn’t been that wet for a while. It also made me for a very unpleasant ride back home on the Turnpike. The usual 90 minute ride turned into two hours with lower speeds on the Pike.


2008-09-06 Bank of America Pavilion – Boston, MA PDF Print
1. Mahgeetah
2. Anytime
3. Off The Record
4. Evil Urges
5. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.1
6. The Way That He Sings
7. Two Halves
8. Golden
9. Thank You Too!
10. I’m Amazed
11. Evelyn Is Not Real
12. Sec Walkin
13. Phone Went West
14. Aluminum Park
15. Look At You
16. Dondante
17. Gideon
18. Lay Low
19. Smokin From Shootin
20. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2
21. Wordless Chorus
22. Highly Suspicious
23. Cobra
24. Run Thru
25. One Big Holiday

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