A New Running Milestone Hit and the Ipod still Rocks

After a long weekend in Buffalo, I hit the gym this morning and was back to my running routine. I have hit a bit of a wall as of late. I was trying to step up my running in preparation to do a 10k this fall. My legs were not liking it. I found when I was running longer times and distance 4-5 times a week, I would run into a problem about every 2 weeks. I would just have dead legs or not much to give. I would have to take 3 or so days off. Now, I am on a every other day routine and so far so good.

Long winded explanation for this news, at the end of my workout this morning, I got a Lance Armstrong message. Which I was not expecting since it was not my longest or fastest workout. Lance said, “This is Lance Armstrong (not too many other guys talk to me thru my Ipod) congratulations, you have completed 250 miles!”

I was very excited by that news. Since, I have had to dial back a bit lately and I have not had a race since August 28th. Rock on for the Ipod and Nike +!


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