Family Golf Tournament 2008

As I mentioned last week, I fell behind on posts, this one is a bit dated but I felt like I had to mention it. We had our 9th annual family golf tournament on September 13th at Tekoa CC in Westfield, MA. We started this as a way to get the extended family together without the occasion being a funeral. Its turned out to be a great event. The first year we had around 40 golfers and this year we set a new record with 75 golfers. Since I lost my nephew Matt to a brain tumor, we have the tournament as a benefit for the Jimmy Fund who was huge during Matt’s battle. Going into this year we have raised over 60k for the Jimmy Fund. Half of that comes thru annual matches from the Yawkey Foundation.

As I said, we set a record this year with the number of golfers. We had a great day, got a little hot during the afternoon but not bad at all. We always follow golf with a dinner, raffle and yours truly does a speech that rambles all over the place.  This year we raised just over $4100 dollars which is a great year, it fell behind last year but the economy is in a much different place than last year.

It was a good time as always and we can’t wait for the big 10th anniversary next year. One funny thing two of my cousins mentioned to my sister and I that they are shocked how it is grown and how its lasted. They both figured after a few years the event would fade away. Thanks to the participation of relatives, friends and coworkers, we are going strong!


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