Black Crowes return to Northampton

This past Sunday, the Black Crowes returned to Northampton for a show at the Calvin Theater. I have seen them three times since they have been reunited and enjoyed all of the shows. They came out with their first album of new material in quite awhile this year. It was called Warpaint, heard the single, Daughters of the Revolution, dug it, bought the cd, not so much. I was still up for the show since they are a live band at heart.

First, I have to mention that I tried a new eatery in Northampton before the show. Well, not new to the city but new to me. Pizza Paradiso, part of the Spoleto empire was the venue. Loved it! I had a coworker with me for the show and we decided on Italian. It was great, had their chicken parm, the house salad with gorgonzola vinegrette and gorgonzola garlic bread to start. The food was great and it was a fun room to be in as well. I will definitely make a return trip.

The Crowes rocked as always. Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi All Stars joined the Crowes for the album as is out on this tour. Luther really added to the band’s sound from the last time I saw them at the Pines Theater. Luther gives someone for Rich Robinson to play off of and they were fantastic all night long.  I attached the setlist below and if you are familiar with their catalog at all you will see that just about all of the big hits were left off.  I didn’t really mind, the only two songs I would have liked to heard, well make that three, would be Soul Singing, Welcome to the Good Times and She Talks to Angels. I loved the covers of Mighty Quinn and the encore of Cold Rain and Snow.  Overall, another great night of rock from the Crowes!

The Black Crowes
   12 October 2008
Calvin TheaterNorthampton, MA [ USA ]

S E T   L I S T  » 
  Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
Sister Luck
Another Roadside Tragedy
Forty-Four Blues
Locust Street
Whoa Mule
Thunderstorm 6:54 PM
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
Lost My Drivin’ Wheel
Wee Who See The Deep -> Jam ->
Thorn In My Pride
Wounded Bird
– encore –
Cold Rain And Snow

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