New Technology Praise and More Copyright Infringement

Two things covered in one post. Recently, I have taken to either posting articles when I should not or just throwing up links instead of my actual musings. I am going to do more of that here but it also relates to my new tech addiction. I have never been a gadget guy. I don’t have to have the latest toy, electronics, video whatever. However, I love my new lg phone from verizon. The instant access to messaging and the internet is too much for me. I actually have to get better about limiting it when I am around others and not just off of my own. At the Okkervill River show last week it was great between bands to be able to text with a friend and read articles on  This morning, I brought my car in for an oil change and caught up on some hockey news.  John Buccigross, who I used to love on the air and in print but have now tired of greatly, had a funny bit about girlfriends and hockey. It doesn’t all apply to me. The way I am with all of my hobbies if she digs them cool, if not, not the end of the world. Otherwise, I would have to take one friend’s advice and look for the one hippie girl in the world with a hockey jersey on and an addiction to burritos.  At the end of Buccigross’ pieces he answers mail and that is where the hilarity starts. It was over his last two columns….


I’m trying to get my girlfriend into hockey. She lives just a few miles from the United Center. Any suggestions? She came to one of my men’s league games last weekend, so there is hope.


You can’t get your girlfriend into hockey like you get your children into hockey.

You can take your girlfriend to games, watch a game on TV once in a while, ask her to come to your games (then take her out to dinner) and take her to a Blackhawks game after a day of shopping and lunch in Chicago. Watch “Miracle” and “Slap Shot” one weekend. She will either fall for our great game and the values we hold dear, or she will watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on the night of one of your games, tell you your equipment stinks and complain there are not enough goals.

If she chooses “B,” break up with her immediately.


On another note, you can’t make a woman like hockey. Either she does or she doesn’t. Usually, the ones that do tend to have many qualities guys are looking for — smart, funny, doesn’t take herself too seriously, etc. Unfortunately for me, I married someone who faked her hockey knowledge and made me believe she liked the sport (it’s easy to do that in Canada). Needless to say, my marriage is now over (there were other issues, but that was a biggie), and I am once again on the lookout for that perfect, hockey-loving, beer-drinking knockout. Oh, well. Even in Canada, it’s hard to find that.


Faked her hockey knowledge? Maybe she will be a future commissioner of something in Brampton.


–Taking your girl to a Leafs game because she says she loves hockey: $350
–Marrying your alleged hockey-loving girlfriend: $11,500
–Divorcing wife after she says Ted Kennedy was a great senator instead of saying Ted Kennedy was a great Leaf: $50,000
–Dumping that wife for overall lack of sufficient hockey knowledge: Priceless


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