There’s Alot of Culture

I had a big run of cultural events last week. Last Tuesday, the opera made its annual return to the Fine Arts Center at UMass. Once again it was the Teatro Lirico opera company from Europe.  This was the same company that performed Tosca last year. The FAC gets one opera a year and this is the third year that Mom and I have gone up for it. This year’s production was Carmen. A classic. It was sung in French and had the English subtitles as usual. I would put Carmen in third place for the productions I have seen at UMass, which is also all the operas I have seen. I really enjoyed it, it was very good but everything was not as quite wow as previous years.  I think it may have been a few of the singers. The stage was great, orchestra was amazing, the woman who played Carmen was great, as was the bullfighter’s voice.  Mom took an Opera Appreciation class thru a Senior Learning Program at Springfield College this fall. She is now officially the opera expert in the family. After the show, she  declared that Carmen was a classic opera and not a romantic. Rock On Mom!

After the Opera exposure, I had a chance to go to Hartford Stage to see their latest production on this past Saturday. I don’t think I have posted about a Hartford Stage show. I know I missed all of last season. No theater friends among the work or Western Mass crew. I found one at work and we went on Saturday night.  I have never been disappointed by a show there. Classic, romantic comedy, drama, liked them all. Resurrection was outstanding. Its a play about six interconnected African-American men. Each represents a different decade of age, from 10 to 60. The characters were incredibly well written and performed brilliantly. It covered many serious issues for African Americans as well as men in the broader sense. It sprinkled a good bit of humor as well. It was a one act play but it delivered through out! Another win at Hartford Stage!

It was a great week for the more cultural side of Tools’ World!


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