All Things Music

Let’s continue on with the catch up posts on my favorite topics. This afternoon, its everything that is music going on in Tools’ World currently.

The cd purchasing has been slowed down as of late. One, I don’t know if you have heard but the economy is a little f’d right now and big layoff talk at my job. Two, I haven’t been getting to Northampton as much for nice shopping trips at Turn it Up! I did however pick up the new Lucinda Williams cd, Little Honey. Love this cd. I got turned onto her thru some guest spots she did as well as an Austin City Limits performance, very distinctive voice. Love her though. The other new cd is Kings of Leon’s latest, Only By the Night. I am a big Kings fan, so this could be taken with a grain of salt, but love this one as well. The boys are rocking hard on this one and still writing great songs, should be a much bigger band than they are, sales and popularity wise. The last new cd I got was Spoon’s latest, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.  I got turned onto Spoon by KGSR online. They are a great band out of Austin, they write great catchy tunes, that the kids would like to dance to. The cd gets a little repetitive in spots, but I dig it. Would love to check them out live sometime.

I recently recycled the cd’s that I have in the car. I do this usually on a regular basis but I got stuck for a couple of months with the same discs in there. So, I dug deeper into the collection this time around and grabbed some discs I hadn’t listened to in a while. I focused on the Boston years specifically and pulled out a live Mighty Mighty Bosstones disc and two Guster cd’s. Two bands I followed for a bit while living in the Boston area. It was great to pull these out and bring back some great memories with some great friends.  I also brought back a Queen Greatest Hits 2 disc set that I had. I like Queen but when you listen to a bunch of their stuff at once, what an odd band and how amazing they got as big as they did. Love those Big Bottom Girls! Ha, Ha.

I never did a review of one show from September. On golf tourney weekend, I went to see a Boston band, Bang Camaro at Pearl Street with the #1 nephew. I had read quite a bit about them but never saw them. They are an 80’s har band. No covers or tribute act type of thing. Its four awesome musicians, then a chorus of 12-15 for the lead singers. It is insane as it sounds, great show though and a great time and I was never a hair metal fan.

The big, big music news is Phish is coming back people. They announced a three night run in Richmond for next March. I am cautious about this. The band broke up for a good reason. Musically and health reasons it was time for it to go. Trey got caught by the man with pharmies and heroin, so everything was out in the open. If they come back with a fire and creativity, then I am in. Ryan is all fired up and ready to do the whole run. I am not even travelling for them yet.  Exciting news though, be nice to have the Vermont hippies back in my world. Who’s got my Goo Balls???

I am up in the air on New Years Eve this year. The current economic climate and job uncertainity has more or less made my decision that I will not be attending an out of town show for New Years this year. There are some great options though. Gov’t Mule is playing the Roseland in NYC and My Morning Jacket is playing Madison Square Garden. In Boston, Soulive is playing the Paradise. Fiscal sense is to spend a quiet evening at home but I love to ring in the new year with some music.

One thing I want to try is each month, recommeding some songs of bands that I run into over the course of the month, this will be a long list of tunes to match the long post.

Lucinda Wiliams- Honey Bee, Real Love and a great AC/DC cover, Its a Long Way to the Top all off the new disc.

Kings Of Leon- Closer, Sex on Fire, I want You and Be Somebody all off the new disc

Spoon- Don’t Make Me a Target, You’ve Got Your Cherry Bomb, Don’t You Evah all off the new disc.

Back Door Slam- I saw these three young lads open for Gov’t Mule on Saturday night.  They ripped. Here is a link to some of their downloads


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  1. Julesb Says:

    I love Spoon. They tour we go!

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