Run Like An Antelope

Great Phish song but it does not describe the way that I run. I am plugging along at the running.  My race schedule is just about dried up since we are quickly approaching Mid November in New England.  I ran one on Saturday and only have one to go.

On Saturday, I ran the 4th Annual Freedom Run in Hartford. It was a benefit for the CT National Guard Foundation. It was a great cause and a great setting. The race started outside the Armory in Hartford andfinished inside the Armory. An old fashioned color guard was at the starting line for it.  I ran with my nephew Billy for the first time. Billy is a runner, he just finished his cross country season at Longmeadow High. He was unable to break 20 minutes this year, so I told him at a road race instead of a cross country course, he could get it done. At the start of the race, he asked me what my goal was and I said, well I have been breaking 30 minutes consistently, my low so far this year was in the 27’s. Billy goes, ok, then your goal today is to break 27. I said, I don’t know if I can do that. He said, yes, you can. 

It was funny running with Billy, he has only run cross country, so he was shocked to see all the people running with Ipod’s, he never does. Where as I can’t imagine what I would do without mine.  I hit the first mile split at 8:30 and I thought, whoops too fast. The second mile was a bit hilly, so with my style I went harder to get them over. I hit the 2nd mile mark at 17 something, so I thought, ok, I can do this. I got into the armory and did not see a timing clock. After further review, I ran right past it. I checked my IPod and it had me at 26:52. I met up with Billy and he did the same exact thing as me. Cruised right by the clock. We hung out til they posted the times andwe both beat our goals! Billy did 19:42 and I did 26:32! It gave me a pace of 8:33 a mile. I was very excited. Billy finished 14th overall and finished 3rd in his age division! He was quite pleased.

At this point, the last race of the year for me will be in Northampton. I’ve wanted to do a run up there all year since its one of my favorite towns. The mayor of Northampton, Mayor Higgins hosts the Hot Chocolate Run on December 6th. The charity is to a local house for abused wives and children. I am looking forward to it and hope the snow andice isn’t around by then. It will be nice, because the run should end in just about time to lead into a post race burrito at Bueno Y Sano! Ha, Ha.

I recently passed the 500km mark on my IPod, love that they update me with those milestones. I am concerned about going three months without a race. I love the competitiveness of it as well as the feeling of accomplishment and helping out charities. Maybe I can tough guy it thru some winter races if the weather isn’t too bad but I am not counting on that in New England.


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