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This will most definitely be a long post. I have been abusing Netflix the last few months. On the other hand, I don’t think I have been to the movies since Vicky Christy Barcelona, although that is feeling wrong, think I saw something else since then. My movie going streak will be broken tomorrow, going to see the latest Kevin Smith flick, Zac and Muri Make a Porno. Should be nothing but an evening of high brow entertainment!

First off, what I am watching currently. I am sticking to my game plan of not getting on anything weekly thru the networks.  I am watching both True Blood and Entourage on HBO though thru the beauty of OnDemand. Entourage came out of the gates strong after a weak season on the last go round. Its fading quickly though. I think Vince and the boys have hit their peak. True Blood is the new vampire show from Alan  Ball who did Six Feet Under. It started off a little rough, a mix of good and bad. I am seven episodes in now and its found its stride. I am in for the rest of the season.  I’ll let you know more after I finish the season I think it will be 12 episodes.

My big new show that I love is Mad Men thru AMC. Yes, I missed the entire first season but due to the beauty of OnDemand, when the second season started, they put all the season 1 episodes out there. I caught up in about four days. Love it! It is very well written. The acting is great. Complex characters. The whole time warp factor of being in a Madison Ave ad agency in 1960 is an amazing factor too. If you get the chance thru dvd, you will enjoy. Don Draper the main character is already way up there on my favorite tv character scale!

Now, I have to throw some praise on the series that Showtime is pumping out. I recently went thru 3 seasons of Weeds in quick fashion and the first season of Californication as well. Two great series. Its funny, because I read alot of mixed things about both of them, but I thought both were great. Californication is David Duchovny as a famous but non writing writer with family and life issues. It is a comedy for the most part but some dark stuff in there as well. Weeds is the story of a suburban widow/Mom who turns to selling the sweet leaf to keep up her suburban existence. The best part of Weeds, the title/theme song sequence, excellent shot at all the mctowns in suburbia land! I would definitely get these on your rental list.

If you couldn’t tell I have been focusing on the tv shows thru Netflix lately. I do have a few movies that I enjoyed in the past couple of months. First is a documentary, Taxi to the Dark Side, its a doc on the treatment of war prisoners with the Iraq war at Guantanamo Bay, etc. Very good film but a bit disturbing as well. The Bank Job was a movie I put on my list reluctantly. I figured it was just another Jason Stratham shoot ’em up when it came out but it was a very good caper film.  The final one was depressing as hell but it was a quality film, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell were in it, Snow Angels.

I have some films that I am looking forward to getting to the movies for. I really want to see Rachel Getting Married, the new Bond and some others. Hopefully, I can start getting out some more for some overpriced tickets and popcorn! I will report back when I do. Until then, its wait for another red envelope to show up in the mail!


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